Vienna Coffee Company Tasting and Tour - 9:00 am & 2:30pm

Vienna Coffee Company, located right in the heart of Downtown Maryville, has made it their mission to not only provide exceptional craft coffee but to also source their product responsibly “from seed to cup”. Philip Hatter, Director of Coffee will be giving guests a tour of their roastery and providing a tasting of their craft coffee at their coffee house.

Blackberry Farm Brewery Tasting and Tour - 11:00 am

Blackberry Farm Brewery was born here in nearby Walland, Tennessee at Blackberry Farm. They brew styles that point back to the Farm: farm ales, table beers and Belgian-inspired beers like their Classic Saison. Their team uses time-honored traditions, patience and expertise to craft world-class beer here in Maryville, and their Brewery Manager Andrew Noye will be giving guests a tour of their new tap room facilities here in Maryville and offering tastes of some of their award-winning microbrews.

Shannon Walker was formerly the manager of the larder and preservation kitchen at Blackberry Farm. Born and raised in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, he has a vast knowledge of the land and all it has to offer. Shannon will be leading us on an educational foraging trip though the woods.

Foraging Class with Shannon Walker - 2:00 pm

McQueen Pottery Class - 9:30am & 2:30 pm

Driven by her passion for pottery, Founder and Ceramicist Leanne McQueen feels that the tableware we use on a daily basis deserves to have the same care and thought put into it that would go into a well-cooked meal. Since starting the shop in 2013, she has grown to work with renowned chefs in the Southeast. Leanne will be teaching a fun hands-on foundation course on throwing on the pottery wheel.

RT Lodge shuttle vans will be available for all off-site activities.

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Vienna Coffee Company Tasting and Tour - 9am & 2:30pm
Tasting and Tour will last approximately 60-90 minutes
McQueen Pottery - Wheel Pottery Class - 9:30am & 2:30pm
Pottery Class will last approximately 90 minutes
Blackberry Farm Brewery Tasting and Tour - 11am
Tasting and Tour will last approximately 60-90 minutes
Shannon Walker Foraging Class - 2pm
*Please note this class overlaps with the pottery class, so you will need to choose one or the other. * Foraging Class will last approximately 45-60 minutes
Transportation *
RT Lodge will be providing shuttle vans to all off-site activities, but you are also welcome to take your own vehicle if you prefer. Please check at the front desk for directions to each of the off-site locations.